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2020 Annual Juried Show

The jurors have chosen the works to be included in the 2020 Annual Juried Show.

2020 Accepted Entries

Amble, Richard
TITLE - Edisto Saltmarsh to NE

Ayers, Denise
TITLE - A Tally per Blue Scar

Bagwell, Elizabeth
TITLE - Gold Lines No. 453

Beck, Evelyn
TITLE - Sushi

Bishop, Dale
TITLE - Main Street Rousseau

Carroll, Lindsay
TITLE - Skipping Stones

Childers, Robin
TITLE - Kenilworth

Converse, Wendy
TITLE - Twisted Barrels Tested by Fire

Couch-Osmelowski, Jane
TITLE - Catherine’s Crown

Cunningham, Scott
TITLE - Guardians

Datwyler, David
TITLE - Too InfiniTea

DeCrane, Patrick
TITLE - Invisible Man in Red Sneakers

Derryberry, Virginia
TITLE - Janus

Dickey, Tessha
TITLE - Secret Garden

Dimond, Tom
TITLE - Atlas

Erk, Frank
TITLE - New Dawn

Ferguson, Terry
TITLE - Youth

Gaillard, Polly
TITLE - Paddle Plant #2

Garrard, Lee
TITLE - 11.30 a.m

Goldman, Naoko

Guion, Glenda
TITLE - Leaf Mandorla

Hall, Jonathan
TITLE - Complications

Harding, Peter
TITLE - Black Capped Chickadee

Henderson, Tomya
TITLE - The Essential Worker

Hill, Brenda M
TITLE - Beach_Fences

Ho, Cecilia
TITLE - Bahama Ocean Sand

Hoppe, Jan
TITLE - Waiting

Huffman, Jason
TITLE - Brahma

Joyner, Crystal
TITLE - Rose-breasted grosbeak, male

Kransberger, Jim
TITLE - Togetherness

Lehman, Leslie
TITLE - Mother

Lever, John
TITLE - Life on the Rocks

Malerich, Lee
TITLE - Flying Buttress

Martin, Judy
TITLE - Been Had

Mason, Mary
TITLE - A Different Perspective

McCall, Jane
TITLE - Bird Woman Jug #3

McCarver, Morgan
TITLE - Modern Armor

McCrary, Robert L
TITLE - Feathers bowl

McDonough, Mary Cooper
TITLE - In Honor Of

Mead, Fred
TITLE - Star Glow

Muzzarelli, Aldo
TITLE - Unprejudiced and Colorless Rain

Nodine, Jane Allen
TITLE - 03. terra.30-C19

Oliveira, Dimas
TITLE - Mirror

Painter, Emily
TITLE - No Vacancy

Patrick, Shannon
TITLE - Maritime October

Pinney, Melissa
TITLE - Elongated Pod Sculpture

Reiss, Donna
TITLE - Home

Rickenbaker, Becky
TITLE - Flight 2

Scardo, Nancy Nichols
TITLE - Gray Skies

Scheving, Seth
TITLE - Ignorance Was Bliss

Scott, Jan
TITLE - River Girls

Shimko, Lisa
TITLE - Mourning Dress Cherry Tree

Shortall, Jean
TITLE - Oops He Lost His Head

Sipe, Lee
TITLE - Vessel No. 386

Story, Carol
TITLE - Bittersweet

Stowe, Bennett
TITLE - Living Room

Stowe, Bennett
TITLE - Dining Room

Tanner, Lynne
TITLE - untitled#1

Tonhaeuser, Heike
TITLE - Rock meets Clay

Tromp, Teresa
TITLE - Firethorn Jug

Tromp, Teresa
TITLE - Plaid Petticoat

van den Broek, Ali
TITLE - Pears

Warren, Eli
TITLE - James Back and Hand

Weber, Jim
TITLE - Large Stoneware Bowl

Whittaker, Jamal
TITLE - “Rise”

Wilkin, Gregory
TITLE - Hagood House, Melrose Heights, Columbia

Willingham, Mary Hannah
TITLE - Forever on Call


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