Amanda Dawkins

Mixed Media, Photography, Graphic Design

I have attended art classes for most of my educational life. Even before school I would draw and doodle things I saw in fantasy and reality. I love exploring colors, textures, techniques, and viewpoints. I believe, as artists, our greatest assets are expanding our know-ledge, defying our boundaries, and reaching out to our fellow artists. I have developed my work through formal education, self-taught training, and simple trial and error. As an artist, my experience is never complete, only evolving.

I currently work with mixed media layering paint, pencil, found items, and anything that will complete my piece. I enjoy photography and the functional use of digital media and graphic design. I have always preferred the kinetic quality of physical artwork, but right before college I decided that a degree in graphic design would be more practical. After college, my life and responsibilities led to an unintentional hiatus from art. Now that I am learning and working on my pieces again, it feels like coming home. I now create under a work residency with other wonderful artists at the West Main Artist’s Co-op and design digitally as well.

I am passionate about my work and I hope that it brings joy and inspiration to those who view it. Whatever inspires you, keep learning and keep evolving.


Amanda earned her Bachelor of Art Studio with an emphasis in Graphic Design and minored in Art History from University of South Carolina, Upstate. She received her Associate of Art in Commercial Graphics with a minor in Computer Technology from Spartanburg Community College. During her time at SCC, Amanda was given the award for Excellence in Commercial Graphics and was given a Printing Industry of the Carolinas-Weese Treadway Scholarship.


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