Andrew Goforth

As a person I believe we all possess an innate desire and ability to create and this is where I find my inspiration as an artist or creator. I am motivated by the desire to create, not the desire to create a finished project or “work of art.” The creative process intrigues me, and I believe the experiential continuum defines the humanity in an individual’s art that makes the art real and tangible. The finished products do not mean much to me. I am more interested in the process of or art as an experience.

It is my belief that art should break down the constructions that we as humans want to create and place on things. I think this is why I draw my inspiration from artists who are untrained in a classical sense. It is the folk artist of the southeast along with the indigenous cultures from around the world that inspire me to continue my creative process. What is training? Why do we value it? Why can we not just create art for the sake of creating? We all possess the desire and ability!


Andrew was born and raised in Spartanburg, SC, but they have lived all over the world and country. They were fortunate enough to be introduced to the beauty of the cultural arts at a very early age. They love to create, dream, learn and grow. All of these things are manifested through their art. It is the process that intrigues them. Andrew believes in the reciprocity of an experience, particularly a creative experience adn that is their desire now! To share the beauty of the cultural arts with those who may never get a change to have that experience.


The Shops at Artists Collective | Spartanburg 

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