Anna V. Seiler


I have always found inspiration in religious art and imagery. I would go to Catholic churches with my friend in Pennsylvania and always found the churches to be beautiful, ornate, and peaceful. While in Pennsylvania I was around the Amish and Pennsylvania Dutch and spent a lot of my childhood with my German grandmother. Once we moved to the south, I became engulfed in Southern Gothic novels and my affinity for low country only grew. I began traveling and fell in love with the eeriness and cultural melting pot of southern Louisiana. All of this is brought together with my love of music and tattooing. While I have never tattooed, I have been fortunate enough to be a part of the community and learn skills and techniques used in the tradition. Painting is how I process the things I love, the things that inspire me, the things that have hurt, and the things I don’t understand. It is all an amalgamation of my skills, my culture, and my own life.

Anna V. Seiler was born in Henrico County, Virginia and raised between Pennsylvania and South Carolina. While in high in school she attended the Greenville County Fine Arts Center where she focused on visual arts. Anna has always been involved in music since childhood and is currently involved in a doom metal project. Anna credits learning her art skills to drawing and painting with her mother.

Instagram : @a.seilerhaus

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