Barbie Workman

In my current work, I display oil paintings and encaustic mixed media pieces. The oil paintings are inspired by the photographs of galaxies I collected from a NASA website. The reality of galaxies forming, expanding and collapsing is a wondrous visual symphony that speaks of infinite histories. The encaustic mixed media pieces displayed are a moment of sharing personal history with the viewer.

My 3d elements in the encaustic pieces include china teacups that were family heirlooms. Each broken teacup represents a moment shared with my grandparents during holidays and special occasions. These moments are remembered with a warmth felt between sips of tea and coffee. The differing compositions and mediums displayed are just moments in the history of my life that inspired who I am today.


Barbie Workman’s art development began at the University of Central Oklahoma and culminated at University of West Florida. Her art focus was primarily in metalsmithing, painting and sculpture. She excelled at three mediums, which made it more difficult for her to narrow down a singular focus. Despite her professors insisting on one singular focus to develop Barbie chose to fuse the mediums instead. Choosing to find a medium that would allow that flexibility while creating surreal compositions, Barbie discovered encaustic mixed media as the medium that would allow the journey of creativity she desired.

Barbie says as new resident of South Carolina she is looking forward to discovering more of the surrounding natural environment and beautiful diversity to be a source of inspiration for future encaustic mixed media compositions.


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