Dan Hazard

Oil Painting

My interest in art began at an early age when I would doodle cartoon characters on my schoolwork in class and at home on my parents’ walls. They soon bought me my first art supplies to keep their walls clean and their sanity intact. 

As I grew older, I became increasingly drawn to oil painting as my preferred medium as I began studying contrasting values of dark and light. This soon turned into a study of all life’s contrasts, particularly the finding beauty in life's darker moments. As a survivor of a traumatic brain injury, I have learned to find value both in the struggle itself, and in the practice of forgiving myself for the limitations it brings.  
Art is nothing more than using color and shape to tell a story. My paintings often depict
scenes of music, subversive culture, working-class life, and opposing yet complemen-
tary forces, symbolized by the Taijitu (Yin and Yang) symbol. I find that the greatest
harmony is in the balance between opposing manifestations of reality. If you look hard
enough, you will find this theme in all my works. 

Dan Hazard is an accomplished artist hailing from Riverside, California who currently resides in Spartanburg, SC. His artistic talents have been honed over several decades and he has established himself as a prolific oil painter and jewelry designer.

Growing up, Dan has lived both on the streets and in his parents’ home, exploring the underside and unseen corners of suburban California. His life experience has brought him close to death on numerous occasions and has given him a unique perspective on life. He has learned that there is always another side to a story, a reason for every aspect of life, no matter how grim, and that wisdom comes from taking the time to step back and find a fresh perspective on the challenges we face. 

Dan briefly studied art and design at Riverside Community College but has learned most of his skill set through the simple act of trial and error. He is always looking to expand his talent and explore new vistas of artistic expression. 

Artists Collective l Spartanburg Member since 2023

Contact: http://instagram.com/hazardcraft


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