Emily Mitchell

I create films and photography about real, everyday life. I focus on observations and my emotions about what I see in choosing what to capture, in a documentary style.

What’s most interesting to me is honesty. I believe that truth is compelling, necessary, liberating, and unifying. Showing reality unites people through recognition and acceptance. In my films and photos, I also enjoy unifying people, places, and ideas through visual, musical, and rhythmic parallels.

In every moment, life is happening to a beat. I relish finding the rhythm of everyday life naturally, unintentionally choreographed to the rhythm of music when I edit life and music together. I find the magic, most telling moments in raw documentary footage and match them to the message of song.

My work shows the tension between expectation and truth. It celebrates humor and grace. I hope in looking at it you feel invited in, just as you are, dancing, moving, living to the beat of your own song, whatever that may be.


Emily Mitchell attended SC Governor’s School for the Arts & Humanities in 2000, graduated from Furman University in 2006 with a Bachelor’s in Biology, and from the University of Arizona in 2008 with a Master’s in Education. A self-taught DSLR filmmaker and mother of four young children, Emily is best known for her documentary work of her own family and for pioneering the documentary-style family film industry among photographers.

She teaches photographers how to shoot & edit films through her online filmmaking school, Everyday Film School. Since 2014, she has personally taught intro filmmaking online to over 1300 students in 22 countries. Emily also travels to teach live demos at photography conferences nationwide.


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