Jordan Brown


I enjoy sitting in my studio and letting the inspiration flow without a clear direction.
Sometimes I spend weeks working on a piece knowing it’s not quite finished, but I persist until I
know it is completed. I love color and vibrant art, therefore each piece usually begins with dozens
of colors and I just sit and paint. There is no constraint on creativity beyond those we place
on ourselves. I love the freedom a large canvas provides, so most of my work is
spacious. The space to create, the space to think, and the space to paint something
eye-catching with hidden elements of expression is most important to me. Painting is
not an exercise in perfection, it is simply a way to make beautiful mistakes. 

Jordan is an artist based in South Carolina specializing in large abstract pieces.  Every
painting tells a story, but the final image on the canvas is only a small peak at the
artistic process for each work.  Layer by layer, the painting builds to a final crescendo. 
When you purchase a painting by Jordan the accompanying booklet contains each
image that lies beneath the surface.  Like rings on a tree, it is far more interesting to
understand the process of creation along with the obvious visuals.

At his home studio, Jordan has no timeline or final image in mind when beginning a new
piece.  His process is to explore an idea, embrace the ambiguity of the artistic process,
and only sign his name when he believes the story is completed.

Diversity of interests and experiences is what led Jordan to become an artist.  There are
no limitations on the human spirit, only new journeys, and opportunities for creative
expression.  Jordan holds a doctorate in higher education leadership, has taught
political science at local colleges, is an author, a youth athletics coach, the founder of a
Hispanic outreach ministry, community volunteer, and small business owner.  In his free
time Jordan enjoys golfing and relaxing with his wife and two children.

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