Rachel Child

I aim to create contemporary heirlooms. I believe that using something made by hand, and choosing to make thoughtful decisions about the objects we let into our lives, links us to the past and adds meaning and depth to otherwise ordinary experiences. 

I hope to make pottery that passes the test of time, that can be held by the same family for generations. In this pursuit, I encourage people to feel a sense of connection with the things they fill their homes with. May that be a mug that is incorporated into a morning ritual, that allows us to slow down and be still, or a set of whiskey sipping tumblers used to toast an important moment in time. With my minimal forms and soft toned glazes, I hope to evoke a sense of comfort.  I picture my pots fitting seamlessly into our daily lives: the quiet, chaos, and everything in between. My pottery is meant to bring people together. Imperfections are celebrated. 


Rachel was raised in Kentucky. She comes from a long line of makers: cooks, woodworkers, designers, painters. As her grandmother would say, her art line runs deep. The first time she sat down at the potter’s wheel she knew she had found her path. She studied at Western Kentucky University, where she received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Ceramics in 2014. During her time at school, she and her classmates built a wood firing train kiln under their professor, renowned wood firing artist Lindsay Oesterritter. With this exposure to gas, electric, and wood firing, Rachel does not feel tied to one style. She explores each opportunity as it presents itself.

After graduating, Rachel moved to St. Augustine, FL, where she set up her first home studio and began her small business, Heirloom Pottery & Co. She now lives in Spartanburg, SC with her four-year-old son, and in the Fall of 2017 she became a member of the West Main Artist Co-op. 


Artists Collective | Spartanburg 

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578 West Main Street
Spartanburg SC, 29301
(864) 804 - 6501
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