Rita Howard

My art takes me away from the humdrum aspects of my life. Without art I would be lost. I love to work in watercolors because of the translucency of them; of course I also use the opaque when necessary to achieve the look I am going for.

I get lost in a landscape; it carries me back to the child in me.

I am now trying to work in acrylics and enjoying it, but my first love will always be my watercolors. I have developed my personal and distinctive style through viewing other artists work as well as seeing all the varied landscapes and architecture that was imprinted in my mind. 

I am about to start painting the pictures of my kids and grandkids in some of their more comical moments, as well as the second love of my life, my dogs and farm animals.


Rita Howard’s childhood was spent in Harford County, Maryland. The rolling farm land and farmhouses would later be the inspiration for many of her watercolors.

Many of her sketches also included the fashions of the times and therefore it was a natural progression for her to become a skilled seamstress and designer. This included a stint as a designer, manufacturer and distributer of ladies accessories developed in fabrics.

Her life as a wife, mother and entrepreneur would afford her many opportunities to experiment with a wide array of mediums ranging from ceramics to her current passion of watercolor and acrylics.

A major impact to her art has been the ability to travel throughout Europe and Australia. 


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