Roderice Cardell

I believe everything is connected, and everything is art. I usually begin a new painting with random brush strokes of color or I sling paint onto the canvas to create violent and uncontrolled responses to the music. The works unpredictability and intuitively create a responsibility to the rhythm of the music and emotional connection I have with the content of the music. I connect sound to emotion and I see colors when I hear the music. The music gives me a sense of direction when I create. Nothing is ever planned! I guess it takes the fun out of creating. Most of my most recent work has been influenced by taking a big risk and finding new combinations that I had not done before. It excites me to see my experiments come alive.

Sometimes I think my paintings have a mind of their own. The way they speak to me while I meditate. I listen and the vibrations of the music in the room help me connect to my abilities and allow me to surrender to the canvas and become one with the art. As a musician everything I create is full circle. When I create, LIFE makes way more sense.


Roderice Cardell started off as a young ambitious student who suffered from dyslexia and anxiety, 20 years later while studying at Winthrop University, Roderice has finally revealed himself as a triple threat artist. But it wasn’t until a near death experience in 2015 when Roderice dedicated his life to his passion of art.

Roderice was born in Spartanburg, SC on November 18, 1987. He was raised by his grandparents alongside his mother and father who played a role in his creativity. Roderice started producing paintings and capturing art with photography in 2013. He was mainly influence by Michel Basquiat and Ryan King. His style can be best described as abstract subliminal imagery. All in all, Roderice wishes to tell stories with his art to help people get through rough times. It can either mellow you out or hype you up. He creates relevant New Age music that stands out above the rest, so it can really capture your attention.


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