Tisha Garcia

What is beauty? Sometimes we gravitate towards preconceived ideals and fail to recognize other kinds of beauty. In modern life, we are constantly inundated with images of people who look “perfect.” We are programmed from childhood to value a person from this narrow lens. Over time, I have found myself fascinated with the overlooked beauty of people: the wrinkles embedded in an elderly person's skin; the crow’s feet, laugh lines, and scars of neighbors and friends; the full curve of a pregnant woman's swollen belly; the callused hands of a man who has worked tirelessly for decades.

Being able to recreate the human form successfully is one of an artist’s greatest achievements. My work in anatomical bodycasting is about capturing a time and place in a person's life. Every piece I pour is created to preserve a memory that is tangible to touch, hold, and ultimately treasure for this lifetime and to save for future generations to discover.

While my focus usually is on bodycasting, I am growing and emerging as an artist. I choose not to classify myself in a single category. Like many artists, my work is eclectic and ever evolving. My inspirations, ideas, and knowledge change and so does my art. I work in several different mediums: clay, silicones, paint, bandages, paper, canvas, and photography, to name just a few.


Tisha attended San Francisco Art Institute after high school, where she majored in creative arts and minored in marketing. She spent her adult life working as a wedding cake decorator owning her own shop for 5 years after Culinary school at Valencia in Orlando Fl. She taught cake classes and crafts at Joanns craft store for several years. She currently attends Stan Winston character FX Art School, primarily focusing on body casting and working in latex and silicones to create hyper realistic masks and humanoid type forms. She enjoys creating decoupage dishware, making chandeliers and magnets, to name a few. Her long-term goal is to open an art consignment shop selling her own work, teaching classes in varied art mediums and offering space for new emerging artists in FX work to show and sell their work.

Artists Collective l Spartanburg:
Member since 2020 – Exhibitions Committee


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