Tyler Hill

In our travels we may get lost or turned around, but ultimately, we find our way. It is my journey through chaos that makes me appreciate my travels. It is the many faces we see and ways of life we experience that expose us to worlds outside of our own. That combination of imagi-nation and cultural diversity allows the mind to travel while viewing my art. The art tells a story of the aspects of life that are shared between different cultures. 

Inspiration for my art comes from travels as well as inquiry into the places I might like to explore. Media ranging from ceramics to photography helps build the narrative. Viewing my work might allow the observer to reminisce on where they’ve been. Carving into my ceramic work directly references architecture of different countries. Portrait photography and painting depict people and places that one might encounter while travelling.

Art is a vehicle that can take people places. This use of art for storytelling is a part of our shared human experience. It is often easier to tell a story about where you have been. To help someone place themselves into that environment is a greater undertaking.


Tyler Hill was born and raised in Spartanburg, South Carolina. He has always expressed a love for the arts, specifically visual and musical. He attended Limestone college where he has been featured in several of their Candelabra literary magazines. He also received an award and scholarship for rising artists as well as obtained the title of an advanced ceramicist. He received another award as an excelling senior artist and hosted his first solo show entitled Distracted Traveler. He concluded his time at Limestone by graduating cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in studio art. 


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