Exhibition space inquiries are for current Artist Collective artists only.

Step 1
Fill out Exhibition Proposal Form

Step 2
The Proposal is reviewed by the Exhibition Committee and if any changes need to be made regarding the proposal, the Exhibition Committee will contact artists with explanations and suggestions for resubmission.

Step 3
The proposal will be presented to the Artists Collective Board for final approval and artists will be notified. With the notification the artist will receive an Exhibition Contract and Exhibition Guidelines. The Exhibition Contract should be returned within a week to the Exhibition Chair. (email address will be on form) The Exhibition Guidelines will give detailed information on the use of the exhibition space.

Step 4
The Marketing Committee will be sending you an Marketing Information Form and this form must be turned in 10-12 weeks ahead of the opening day (email address will be on form).

Step 5
Follow the Exhibition Guidelines for details of how and when to hang your Exhibition.

Step 6
A few weeks prior to your exhibition, you will be contacted by the Receptions Committee. They will ask if you plan to have a reception and how they may assist you. They will offer advice about set up and help coordinate space requirements. A reception is at the discretion of the Artists and is funded by the Artist. It is the responsibility of the artist to clean up after reception.


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