A Moment in Time

Beauty is all around for everyone to appreciate, even as they view the same things differently and even as artists portray them differently using various media and canvases. Upstate friends and artists Gale Roberts and Patrick DeCrane show this in a joint exhibition at the Artists Collective | Spartanburg, “A Moment in Time.” The exhibit will be in Gallery III Aug. 8 through Sept. 2, with an artists’ reception during the Aug. 17 ArtWalk Spartanburg.

The exhibit is composed of works in watercolors by DeCrane and acrylics by Roberts – “Paintings of things you might take for granted,” Roberts says. “We want people to see that there is beauty all around us, that we need to stop and really open our eyes to it and enjoy it. Also, that we can paint the same painting and it looks so different.”

The two artists have been friends for nearly 30 years, painting together for six. “Patrick introduced me to the Artists Collective, and we have shared shows in the past,” Roberts adds. “We have enjoyed collaborating together for this exhibit and when you walk out of the gallery you can say you enjoyed the artwork.”

DeCrane says he has used several watercolor techniques to produce his works. “While most are painted on standard watercolor paper, several are painted on black paper with a vanish coating over the painting to give the illation of canvas. A couple of the paintings are on canvas, which gives the painting a soft texture.”

He says he and Roberts want the viewers of their works “to be present in the moment and enjoy what you see. I hope people will walk away with a sense of pleasure and satisfaction. My own goal of being present and conscious of what is in front of me is my inspiration for the exhibit.”

DeCrane, a native of Cleveland, Ohio, has been painting since he was 10 and began formal art classes in high school. A graduate of Park College and retired from the U.S. Army, he spent 11 years working for the Military Officers Association. Prepared for a new adventure, he then opened, owned and operated a bed and breakfast for 10 years with his life partner, Michael Thomas. Ready to retire after three careers, he continued to expand his art skill by taking classes in pastels and most recently watercolors.

“I am grateful to have this opportunity to exhibit at ACS,” says DeCrane, a member since 2016. “They provide excellent support. Being a member of ACS is awesome. We have great opportunities to interact with other artists. The energy in this group of artists motivates me to expand my art talent.”

Roberts adds: “The artists at the Artists Collective aren’t just artists, they’re friends. Being a part of the ACS community has been wonderful.”

The Erie, Pennsylvania, native says she has been painting again for six years after having stopped in high school as “life took over.” She usually paints using acrylics “with bright colors that catch your eye. My subjects are animals, birds, still life, family members and our beautiful surroundings. I hope you get a taste of the vastness of the colors and the life of our surroundings both indoors and out.”

Before retiring to Greenville with her husband nine years ago, she worked for Nordstrom’s and GEICO Insurance Co.

DeCrane will have 12 pieces on exhibit, which will be offered for sale with prices ranging from $50 to $250. Roberts’s 12 works also will be for sale, with prices ranging from $100 to $400.


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