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Best in Show Summertime - Lori Solymosi

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Most Hopeful Strange Captivity - Aldo Muzzarelli

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Most Fearful Limited Air Space - Veda Saravanan

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Most Creative Survivor #34 - Christina Laurel

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Most Moving Hope on the Horizon - Anand Wakankar

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It's 2020 Covid - Roderice Cardell

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People's Choice 1st Place Mood for Love - Spark Howard

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People's Choice 2nd Place My America - Charles Bomar

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People's Choice 3rd Place Beyond the Restraint - Craig Denesha

Jennifer Evins
The Art of Survival
Jennifer Evins, CEO Chapman Cultural Center, celebrates and honors the artists in the exhibit and talks about her experience of the Art of Survival exhibition, it's artwork, and her own experience with Covid and the lockdown.
The Art of Survival
View this historic exhibit of local art created during the Covid-19 global pandemic.
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Art of Survival Interviews
A combination video of snippets from each of the artists interviewed for the Art of Survival Exhibition
Charles Bromar
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Artist Charles Bomar
My drawing, titled "My America", deals with the racial injustice that is going on in the United States today.
Ann Seiler
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Artist Anna Seiler
This piece serves as a direct representation of the struggles personally faced this year. Isolation, sacrifice, physical trauma, and a struggle with faith.
Thomas Koenig
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Artist Thomas Koenig
For me, the pandemic and the lockdown is always connected to another event in Spartanburg that kind of resembles a start with a bang. Spartanburg was shook by a Tornado shortly before the closedowns started.
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Artist Bailie
This was from a random church bulletin sketch I did years ago. It seemed appropriate for the time.
Savannah Ralph
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Artist Savannah Ralph
“Woman of Color” is a social criticism of the societal expectation for people of color to conform to white ideals. I created the piece after attending a Black Lives Matter protest.
Robins Childers
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Artist Robin Childers
They are based on sketches of the flowers and plants in my garden. Each image is reduced to simply shapes and forms that allows brush marks to create texture and complexity.