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The Mission of the Artists Collective | Spartanburg

Our mission is to create a community of artists wherein members mentor and support one another. In addition, our goal is to provide affordable studio, display, and performance spaces to established and emerging artists living in and around Spartanburg, South Carolina. From our inception we have strived to to provide the public with opportunities to view original art and to interact with the artists. 

Artists Collective History In A Nutshell 

The Artists Collective has come a long way from its conception. Formerly the West Main Baptist Church, renovations and artist sweat equity transformed the empty and nearly forgotten landmark into a showcase of artists for the state to see.

The church was purchased in the fall of 2009 with the great notion of providing affordable work spaces for local artists; this is not the only attribute found at the Artists Collective by any means. Many artists are realizing that with such a diverse group around all of the time, the progression of the individual’s work never stops. This is constantly forming a catalyst that drives each person to question his or her art and where it is going.

The Artists Collective is the only studio art co-op in Spartanburg County and art is everywhere in this 20,000 square foot building. The exhibition, workshops, performance and educational spaces, along with artist’s studios subsist in the creation of something that Spartanburg has never seen, a one of a kind facility that houses like-minded individuals that share a common consciousness.

About the Printery 

The Printery at Artists Collective is an unique letterpress operation which has been created to offer educational opportunities for the local community. The equipment and other resources have been gathered to give everyone hands on using lead type, platen presses, and the use of ink and paper to create printing as it was done in the last century.

In addition, historical material has been collected to broaden the knowledge of the materials used, trends in type styles, and how the written word has influenced mankind over the centuries. The Printery also mounts monthly exhibits of different aspects of early printing including; wood type, copper engraving, early mechanized typesetting as well as book production and die cutting.

The Printery continues to add items of historical interest, and is always looking for donations of equipment, and historical material. They also have a series of DVD’s about different aspects of the printing industry.

Printing Equipment

The Printery was started with the acquisition of a Vandercook proofing press #2, and a complement of type faces and other miscellaneous items which were acquired from the Print Museum outside Boston, MA.. With the addition of a Chandler & Price platen press 8” x 12” which was purchased from a printing company in Gaffney, South Carolina, we expanded our capabilities to produce printed material, and also teach others about letterpress printing techniques.

We are currently working to restore a Chandler & Price 12” x 18” press to working condition.  This will allow us to print small signatures for books and other printed material. We have been able to expand our foundry type library, from miscellaneous sources, some gifted, some purchased as they became available. We now have about 96 fonts of foundry type in various families, and also we have a small assortment of wood type.

We continue to look for equipment and type, and our latest acquisition is a 25 rack galley cabinet with galleys to store type jobs which have been set by students taking classes in letterpress composition.


Board Members

Governing Board Members

  • President – George “Buck” Brandt, III
  • Carol Bradof
  • Erin Strickland
  • Coleman Edmunds

Management Board


Committees & Chairs

Facilities Committee

  • Facilities ChairPete Harding
  • Helps care for the physical aspect of the Co-op – the building and the grounds.
  • They manage contract employees who work on the facilities.

Exhibitions Committee

  • Exhibitions ChairRobin Childers
  • Main activity is to make the halls and exhibition galleries look fresh and interesting just before each art walk plus they take down art, move it around and add new art.
  • They also receive and review application request for exhibitions from members and non-members.

Membership Committe

  • Membership ChairTom Lowrimore
  • Receives the applications of prospective new members. 
  • They check references, update membership data bases, interview new applicants and mentor new applicants.

Retail Committee

  • Retail ChairAlana Hall
  • Responsible for accepting the work from all members wishing to sell their work. 
  • They arrange the displays, schedule the workers for the retail store, send emails to members to remind them to bring in or pick up work, and work with the finance group to pay the members for sales.

Marketing Committee

  • Shares all the news of the Artists Collective by creating posters/cards for events, write and distribute press releases to the media, and post our news on social media sites.
  • This committee creates and updates our website and manages our Mail Chimp database.

Venue Committee

  • Solomon Gallery ChairScott Cunningham 
  • Works with those who wish to use the venue which is our largest exhibition space.
  • The Venue is used for WMAC member artists exhibitions and is also a space for local and regional artists to exhibit their work. 
  • It is also responsible for making sure the Venue looks good at all times with art on the walls.

Fundraising Committee

  • Fundraising ChairDave Sawyer
  • Writes grants for funding and researches the availability and requirements of various funding/grant opportunities.
  • They also research ideas for fundraisers.

Receptions Committee

  • Receptions ChairPatrick DeCrane
  • This committee oversees the food, drinks, and guest services during events. 
  • Committee members coordinate light snacks and drinks for Art Walk, Exhibition openings, and special events.


20,000 Sq. Ft. of Art

32 Studios | 50+ Local Artists

Gallery Shop

Locally made art is for sale in the Gallery Shop and the galleries.

The Co-op art galleries are open to the public.

Our retail store is open Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 4pm


Many of our artists periodically offer classes to the public.

Join one of our community classes and become one who does more than just appreciate art.

You can make it!

Monthly Exhibition & Juried Shows

Our mission with our monthly exhibitions and juried shows is to create a platform for artists to display and sell their work and for the community to get to see our artists.

Art Walk

Art Walk provides an opportunity for the community to explore the artistry and craftsmanship of local artists.

Join our artists each third Thursday from 5 - 9 PM.


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Artists Collective Store

32 Studios | 50+ Local Artists


578 West Main Street
Spartanburg SC, 29301
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Tuesday - Saturday: 10am – 4pm
Sunday - Monday : Closed
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