Addam Duncan

Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, and Songwriting

I am a Spartanburg based artist. My creative work includes painting, printmaking, sculpture, and songwriting. I am a self-taught artist with interests in many styles of expression. My work has been displayed in New York, San Francisco, Portland, Atlanta, Columbia, Charlotte, Asheville, Greenville, Pickens, and Spartanburg. I keep exploring various media to stay stimulated. I love the process of making images. My themes are usually, but are not limited to, loneliness, love, and how circumstance can be a determining factor to what someone’s social and financial status becomes.


Addam Duncan is a South Carolina native and has been interested is most forms of expression from a very early age. Beginning with drawing, as a child he began to get noticed by teachers and peers as someone who might have something special to offer. At age 19 Addam began tattooing in a professional tattoo studio and the avenues to various types of fine art lead from there. In late 2004 Addam started to paint more excessively and began reading books to find new techniques. The new found love for art blossomed much differently than he expected and opened doors he never even knew were there.

In 2009 after moving back from Asheville NC Addam met Howard Soloman, the founder of West Main Artist Co-op, and shortly after became a member. In 2014, with an new interest in Printmaking Addam joined a new printshop in Greenville along with his membership at the co-op, here he learned intaglio, woodcut, screen printing, and monotype printmaking from Jeremy Cody. In 2015 Addam was ask to join CPC (Contemporary Print Collective), a group of printmakers formed by Syd Cross and Steven Chapp. With the backgrounds of the 15-20 members in CPC Addam has been able explore a whole new arena of making art because most of the members are professors and grade students, where Addam humbly displays a G.E.D.

Lately he has been getting back to song writing and is recording a solo written album. So no one, not even Addam himself, knows what the future holds for a 36 year old with no down time, all he can promise is that no matter what it is, it’s gonna be good.