B Collins


My inspiration is the intersection between art and function. For the most part, I enjoy making simpler pieces on the pottery wheel, like bowls and cups. My favorite part is glazing. I love to see how glazes interact with one another, how the colors and chemicals can melt into something completely new. Many of my pieces layer glazes, and I love using a glaze that has crystals suspended in it for added color to the piece. I occasionally paint on pieces with underglaze, usually taking inspiration from flowers.

I use mid-fire white clay, since glazes typically have the most vivid results on white clay. I aim for all of my pieces to be food safe, so they can be used for a cup of coffee or just holding a bundle of makeup brushes. As silly as it may sound, I like the image of someone coming home from a long day and eating their favorite flavor of ice cream out of a big, colorful bowl and feeling a little bit better afterwards. 

B was born and raised in Spartanburg, first taking pottery-centric classes at Spartanburg High School. She continued her ceramic education at Winthrop University, then transferred to Spartanburg Community College during the pandemic and acquired an associate in arts. Other than the basic skills learned in school, B is self-taught and eager to learn and experiment, especially when it comes to glazes.

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