Carol Story


As a painter in oils, I consider myself representational in style. While not terribly imaginative in my execution, I do like to push the bounds of what I realistically see. Many of my works are the product of ramblings in Georgia and the Carolinas… others are from travels further afield. I also enjoy painting still life because, as a “control freak”, I like having command over subject, composition, and lighting. 

Whether riotous color or subtlety of shadow, the beauty and insights to be appreciated with landscapes, animals, or arranged objects are all inspiration to me.

As a life-long student of the spoken and written word, it is both a joy and a challenge to portray what I see through a visual language, contemplating the created work of God or constructed work of man. Seeing first and then seeking to capture movement, reflections, texture, or a palette of colors, I strive to communicate truth and beauty to each viewer, however differently. My hope is to arouse an emotion, elicit a memory, or challenge one’s imagination.


As a thirty-five year resident of Spartanburg, I came late to painting…in my “grandmother years.” Though my father headed art departments at two Georgia colleges, my genes never prompted any pursuit of art myself until a few years ago. Graduating from the University of Georgia with an Education degree, my life’s work has been in teaching, writing and community service. My fifty-year marriage has blessed me with three children and eight grandchildren, a joyous priority for my time. I am an avid reader and cook plus my love of travel provides much stimulus for my painting.

In the last ten years, I have taken oil painting classes at the Spartanburg Art Museum and workshops with various artists. I have been a member of West Main Artist Co-op for four years and have a studio here displaying my work. I am blessed by the encouragement of this generous community of artists and appreciate the opportunity to grow in my craft and to exhibit here.