Chuck Bishop

Ceramics, Stained Glass, Photography

The look and feel of handmade pottery have always been a joy to me. I’d ask myself, “What mysterious magic has been used to create this beautiful creation in my hand?” Finding out that I too could devise my own such handiwork was thrilling.

As a recently emerging artist, I’ve also found that working with clay is therapeutic. I can tune out problems from the outside world and focus on the three-dimensional creation in front of me. Then, seeing that lump of clay become an object that I created and am pleased with is very satisfying.

I strive to make pottery that people will use on a daily basis but will frequently diverge into whimsical studies. Bowls and mugs have an important place in this world but so does decorative work. Combining the two is my ultimate goal.


Growing up in the countryside of New Hampshire, Chuck spent most of his time exploring the woods and fields around his home.

After high school, he spent 4 years in the Marine Corps and then for 30 years, he found himself providing OpenVMS operating system support for a number of companies such as Digital Equipment Corp, Martin Marietta and IBM. He is now retired from the corporate world and spends his newfound free time exploring ceramics. After the first class, he was hooked. Chuck has furthered his ceramics education at the Spartanburg Art Museum and John C Campbell Folk School.

Along with pottery, Chuck has also dabbled in stain glass. He is married and enjoys spending time in the woods with another of his great passions, outdoor photography.