Chuck Reback


My photographic interests are eclectic and opportunistic. Inspired by the world around me I photograph anything from an abstract of a single leaf to a scenic vista to an industrial landscape.

Over the years my style has evolved from a literal depiction of the subject to a more personal interpretation – encouraging the viewer to experience the moment as I did.


Chuck was born in New York City and was raised in southeastern Massachusetts. After attending college in Philadelphia he moved to Boston and began a career in banking and finance. In 1996 he and his wife, Melissa, moved to Spartanburg, where they have lived ever since.

A few years later he earned a PhD in economics from Clemson and began a second career as a college professor.

In late 2016 he retired from teaching in order to spend more time with family, traveling, and pursuing his life-long interest in photography.

He joined WMAC in early 2017. In addition to photography, Chuck enjoys hiking, cooking, and serving as a cat bed.