Dave Sawyer

Ceramics and Photography

My work includes art pottery, decorative ceramic wall art, and photographic images. My inspiration comes from the world around us and reflects my love of history and God’s great gift of nature.

Much of my ceramic work uses the American Raku technique of firing. This technique combines the interaction of clay, glaze and fire in a rapidly changing series of environments that results in unique and often unpredictable results. I enjoy combining detailed designs with the spontaneous effects of raku glazes and firing to present elements of both structure and freedom in my pieces.

My photographic images show what we may or may not see around us: our environments, both natural and man-made, as well as who we are, were, and perhaps, want to be. Some present a realistic vision while others a more artistic interpretation.


Dave was born in a small Kansas farm town and raised in Southern California. He graduated from California Polytechnic University at Pomona with a degree in Urban Planning and then began a 30 plus year career in city planning which took him from the sandy beaches and deserts of Southern California to the rugged coast and mountains of Washington’s Olympic Peninsula and Puget Sound.

With no formal art education or training, but having always appreciated photography and ceramics, Dave began his own work in clay in 2008 with classes at a local artisan studio and followed with photography. He continued exploring both artistic mediums, and after retiring and moving to South Carolina, he continues to grow and expand his artistic experience. 


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