Gale Roberts


My appreciation for art started at a very young age.  My oldest brother painted, and it fascinated me.  At age eight, I entered a drawing contest.  Although my drawing was the top choice, I was too young to receive the first-place prize of a scholarship to an art school. Instead, I received 2 movie tickets. I continued to draw and display my work through high school. Then, family, life and time got in the way, and my artwork fell to the wayside.

Years later, a dear friend encouraged me to join him in an art class, and I have continued
painting ever since.  The instructor encouraged me to use acrylics because they are the most
forgiving and my paintings really needed forgiveness. I now paint in acrylics and intend to
learn oils. I’m a realist – I paint from pictures I have taken and from pictures others have
shared. I learn with each painting – the best brushes to use, how to best blend colors.
I enjoy painting old buildings, mills and bridges, and all things that make me happy. I recently
painted a local group of musicians performing a front yard concert under a magnificent tree
that covered the entire yard. God has gifted me with so many painting possibilities.
Traveling has given me the opportunity to view and study notable artists of the past. I
especially love and learned much from the work of the impressionists. I have tried my hand in
impressionistic painting and will do more in the future.

I’m a senior citizen who wants to dive in and learn as much as I possibly can. Five years ago, I finished my first painting and I never thought that I would be an artist that could sell her paintings. I still have a hard time believing it.

Gale has been blessed with three children, 11 grandchildren, four great grandchildren, and a loving husband of 35 years. They lived in Virginia until moving to the Greenville area eight years ago. She earned an associate’s degree after her children were raised, and has worked as regional recruiter, wardrobe consultant, and in various retail management positions.

In the past five years Gale has worked under Julia Peters in Greenville and Kym Easter in Travelers Rest and taken a few online classes. Beside painting, she is active in her neighborhood, loves to cook and have friends over.  They also have two Golden Retriever’s.