Janis McElligott


James Baldwin once said, “All art is a kind of confession”. These acrylic paintings are mine. They are things I saw or emotions I shared, all put on canvas as my declaration to loving life’s moments. The simplest sights can help the heart remember what’s important. Whether it be a loving pet remembered, a little girl feeling the crash of an ocean wave or the silence of snow; all these things provoke a wide range of emotions. These varying emotions are captured by using the gaiety of vivid colors to the solemnest of grayscale. I hope you feel the moment.


Born in Massachusetts, Janis is a genuine self-taught artist with no professional art training. However, she has practiced her love of drawing for a lifetime. Janis carried her sketch pad with her wherever she went, serving to both capture a moment or escape one. In retirement Janis’ sketching expanded to acrylic painting adding color to life’s moments.

Contact –  jalaja@aol.com

Artists Collective|Spartanburg  – Member since 2019 –  Exhibitions Committee