Judith Kolva


Color, texture, and random shapes form my world. They spill over into my art. I paint with acrylics on textured canvases and calked wood. My tools are brushes, palette knives, an array of texture gadgets, and even my fingers. My clothes are either covered in paint or waiting to be covered in paint.

My paintings are bright, bold, brazen. They celebrate vibrant colors enhanced with tactile textures. I invite you to reach out and touch them—experience them for yourself. Their abstract nature depicts what can be instead of what is.

Creativity is embedded in Judith Kolva’s DNA. It guided her through multiple higher-education degrees, helped her navigate several successful careers, and showed her how to live contentedly in numerous eclectic locations.

Eventually, Judith’s creativity raised her hand and said, “Hey! It’s time to focus on me and me alone.” Judith listened. She landed in her forever home in Hendersonville, North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains, started kolvArt, and pursued her career as a professional artist.

Judith shares her heart and home with her supportive husband, Chuck Schwabe, and studio assistant, Lucie, their chocolate lab.

Judith is honored to be a member of the ACS family and thrilled to connect with YOU through her artwork.



Member since 2023