Ken Bolton

Oil & Acrylic Painting

I was the quintessential art kid growing up, mostly early on, obsessed with illustrative artists and trying to emulate the likes of Frank Frazzetta, Kevin Long, and Dave McKean amongst many others. I probably spent more time doodling and sketching than paying attention to more important topics in school.

I have for the most part been a self-taught artist and am currently living in the Spartanburg area focusing on acrylic and oil painting as my preferred mediums as of current. My process with painting is very intuitive, I generally do not have a concept or idea outside of simply colors that I gravitate towards on the palette to use for a particular piece. I generally chase form and movement as the ideas and emotions on the canvas begin to present themselves.

My works in painting tend to develop into figurative pieces, I find that even in the strange images that evolve in my art there are themes that delve into the human conditions dealing with alienation and existential concepts.

Ken was born in Portsmouth, England, and spent much of his childhood growing up between Leeds, England, West Palm Beach Florida, and Dubuque, Iowa to finally ending up in the Upstate SC area.
He has an A.S. degree from Greenville Tech in Industrial Technology and has worked in the automotive industry for over 15 years.

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