Kimberly Christopher Rodriguez

Printmaking, Photography, Sculpture

Like a foggy morning spent exploring nature, my work aims to bring mystery, contemplation, and quiet delight with an elusive simplicity that offers both serenity and a portal of curiosity.  My art explores the play between abstraction and realism, and I enjoy blurring the line of where they meet.  I value the timelessness of black and white yet equally look to harness the beauty and expression of color.  My inspiration rises from the natural world, language and literature, the body, spirituality and religion, and the rich heritage of artists and creators who came before me.

Kimberly Christopher Rodriguez grew up exploring the woods of the Spartanburg area. She found a love for art, nature, and learning at an early age and pursued art throughout grade school.  She went on to study a breadth of disciplines including ceramics, photography, drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, art history, gallery studies, and digital art at Clemson University before concentrating in printmaking to complete her BFA in Studio Art with honors.  Her current practice focuses on printmaking, photography, and sculpture with a keen interest in art history and the dream of sharing her love of printmaking with others.