Lady Pluuto


A voyage from place to place,
projecting through time and space.
Conglomeration of information
to better understand my situation.
An infinite exploration through transformation.
When am I dreaming? Am I awake?
Nether and Ether.
A journey through my shadows is what I must take.
Destination: Overstand my mental state.
Here, there, nowhere and everywhere. 

Lady Pluuto is my alter ego. She represents spirit, receptivity and matter. If we are receptive of what the spirit shares, we can turn imagination into matter.


Alana Hall was born in Georgia on June 10, 1991. Her love for art began at an early age. Despite growing up with siblings, she was a lonely soul and increasingly difficult to understand. Despite having a strong bond with her parents and siblings, excessive moving throughout her childhood led to extreme social anxiety. Alana created friendships and places of solitude through her art, unconsciously searching for stable relationships with people who understood her. 

After losing her father to cancer in the summer of 2011, Alana’s mental stability went for a free fall. She suffered from depression and suicidal thoughts. Alana taught herself to paint as a hobby in 2015 to build confidence and to create an outlet for her emotions. This interest in self-discovery led her up a spiritual path. She became a member of the West Main Street Artists Co-Op in 2019 and began her new journey as Lady Pluuto.

Through her art, Alana aims to provide places of solitude for those who are also on their spiraled path to resurrection. 


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IG: @LadyPluuto

Artists Collective Spartanburg :
Member since 2019 –   Retail Committee Chair


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