Logan Foster


I am a painter amongst many things. I am inspired by love, life, spirituality, and blackness. My art is centered around self expression. I believe that every color communicates a feeling, an idea, and triggers an emotional response. Art is healing. To be an artist, is to have an intuitive understanding of this. A painter usually knows where to lay each color, if not in the beginning, then at some point, just  

as a writer or singer with words. Being intentional with the work means everything to me. With every piece I create I hope to bring people together,  to start a new conversation.  


Logan Foster is a Spartanburg, SC native. She also goes by the name “Divinity.” She is  a self taught painter who has loved art from a very young age. Growing up in a  household with four other siblings, she felt as though she was the most emotional. She  expressed this through her art. At the age of 11 her father transitioned, which was an  experience that changed her perspective of life and art. In a way art became therapeutic  for her. After leaving College of Charleston in Charleston, she decided to pursue her art  professionally. Logan is also a poet/writer and has interests in filmmaking. She loves  astrology, the color blue, and the female form which are recurring themes in her work.  She believes that art has the ability to shift the conscious perspective in a positive way.