Marcy Fedalei


Practicing art teaches me about life. It reminds me to be playful, creative and fun. It teaches me to be and focused in the moment, momentarily shutting out every-thing except my hands and the clay. It teaches me to be patient and accepting – with myself and with others.

And, pottery itself connects me directly to the earth, and allows me to transform it into interesting and functional items.

I use various clay materials and techniques to create pieces of art that can be enjoyed functionally and visually. I am influenced by family and often incorporate handed-down items such as lace into my work. I enjoy allowing a piece to evolve, rather than trying to control it, and sometimes allow seams, marks and blemishes to show through the finished piece. The results are unique and asymmetrical which reflect the organic nature of life.

I also enjoy cooking creatively, and like pottery, am fascinated in the reorganization of raw materials into a finished piece of art.


Marcy grew up in a large family outside Washington DC. After college, she backpacked through Europe, married into military life, bore 2 children, lived in numerous states, earned an MBA, and finally settled down in Spartanburg SC. She currently resides in Greenville, SC.

Taking a pottery class 10 years ago with her daughter awakened her artistic nature, which she continues to pursue. She joined WMAC almost 2 years ago to further explore ideas on her own. Besides pottery, Marcy holds a real estate license and teaches yoga to veterans through Warrior Connection as well as a local tennis club, and hikes with the like-minded.