Patty Wright


I am a Traveler, a person that wants to see it all. I love nothing more than to experience the end of the day with sunset cruising! I look to capture the interesting, the unexplored and feel the silence as photography inspires me to look at the world around me and to see through my lens.

Being influenced by light painters like Andrew Kincard and especially Andrew Wyeth, I wanted to photograph the same way. “I love the light, I listen to the silence and I create with excitement. I love to photograph utter realism in the silent world of abandoned barns, rivers and trees, to old things that have contrast and shadows. When I am composing an image I look for the shadows the light offers and focus on them as it is very spiritual for me.”

My art is me, it is what I am and what I intend to be. Through my eyes you can see my weaknesses and enjoy my strengths. Not perfect but you can see where I have been and where I am going. I am and will always be a work in progress from beginning to end and never to finish; I am learning and absorbing all that I can. And in the end I want to create art because it makes me feel good. Without the use of Photoshop it is an amazing feeling to capture the beauty in what I see with the techniques to achieve it.

I feel the joy, the passion and feeling that I am right where I am supposed to be!


Patty Wright was born on a military base, Ft Hood, Texas, in the year 1955. Raised as a military brat in Europe she was given an amazing and fun filled life traveling the world.

Starting at a young age, Patty’s love of travel and creative eye lead her into the world of photography, and the desire to capture the emotions we experience within the world we live in.

Patty’s work has created collectors throughout the North and South Carolina area, along the East Coast, Utah, Oregon, Washington DC and in Costa Rica. As an award winning photographer and writer her work has/is shown in the galleries of West Main Artists Co-op, Spartanburg Country Library Gallery, Gallery East, Tryon Arts and Crafts, Carri Bass Studio, Federal Building in Spartanburg along with the Spartanburg Tax office, Oregon and Washington DC, along with a selection of printed newspapers and magazines. Along with her own solo shows Patty has curated group shows for other artists all with great success.