Peter Harding

Photography and Drawing

Growing up in England my mother would take me for walks across the local fields and tell me about all of the wild flowers, birds, insects, and wild life we would chance upon. I marveled at the wonders that might be found on a blade of grass or under a petal or leaf, and as I grew up and began to travel and hike across the UK I fell in love with the majestic landscapes there.

This is the inspiration for my photography, the desire to bring all the splendor and majesty of nature back from wherever I travel. I aspire to capture nature in unique ways that will lead the viewer into a world of nature that they may not have experienced before.

All of my photographs are taken digitally and are minimally edited as I strive to bring nature to the viewer as it really is.


Peter was born and raised in Leicester, England. He attended Countesthorpe College, a very progressive high school, and then pursued a degree in Electrical Engineering at Leicester Polytechnic and went on to a 35-year career with a US company. He moved to Canton, Ohio in 1985 before moving to Spartanburg 10 years later. Following retirement, he went back to his love of nature photography.

He is currently a member of the Carolina Nature Photographer’s Association and pursues all opportunities for learning and improving his photographic techniques and knowledge that come along.