Robyn Crawford

Mixed Media, Photography

I am a mixed media artist that is always exploring and playing with multiple mediums and developing techniques of my own. My latest series “Chi” is exploring the life force and the flow of energy. I use bright, bold colors and with upbeat music as a backdrop, I allow the paint to dance through planned rhythmic patterns and random surprises. I feel it is a collaboration between energy and spirit and the vibration of light and color. I get in the flow…both spiritually, connecting to my creator, and quite literally with paint, additional fluids, and metallic inclusions.

I am inspired by nature and the elements, and use all four (earth, water, wind, and fire) in the creation of my pieces. Earth- I mix in various pigments, metallic pulvers, and mica flakes. I’m all about the sparkle and reflection of light! Water- thinning paints and liquids to different consultancies and weights help me control the way things flow, combine, and connect. Wind- using my breath, straws, and a blow dryer I create the shift of where and how the fluid colors will flow. Fire- Torching the surface of each piece releases air bubbles. This creates a smooth surface as well as lets some lighter pigments rise to the top layer and “pop” into wonderful bursts of color.

Robyn Crawford is a mixed media artist, photographer, teacher, and creativity coach. She attended Rochester Institute of Technology for photography/fim/animation. While at school, she was also drawn down other paths such as pottery, silversmithing, fabric, and other media.

Robyn loves working with new material and finds that it shakes things up and generates new ideas in other mediums as well. She uses her own images, clay, acrylics, mosaic, handmade papers, hot glass, metal, fabric, and more to create fun, colorful pieces of work that connect her to spirit. She lives and plays in Hendersonville, NC.