Ruza Pocivavsak


I first became acquainted with pottery eight years ago through courses at SAM. Over these years, my love and passion for working with clay has grown and developed far beyond a casual hobby.

As an engineer, I have always enjoyed working with my hands and shaping materials for functional and decorative purposes.

Using and incorporating natural materials such as coral and driftwood, often gathered from the beautiful shores of West Maui, is a passion of mine. All in all, I find the beauty of taking raw materials from the earth and transforming them with fire through rhythm and repetition deeply rewarding.


Ruza was born in 1954 in Croatia and spent her childhood surrounded by beautiful nature. After graduating, she started a professional career in Dental Engineering, which she practiced for more than 20 years while raising her two children. Following her husband’s career transfer, her family moved to USA in 1989.

After experiencing an empty nest, she started taking pottery classes at the Spartanburg Art Museum eight years ago and has been practicing since.