Sally Weber


I’m always carving new designs to impress in the clay. I’ve carved some of my favorite Artists’ work: Monet, Van Gogh, Alphonse Mucha, Georgia O’Keefe and Maxfield Parrish – the sky is the limit. The clay I use is a combination of high-fire white stone-ware clay to make my pieces. I create things from tiny earrings to large platters, using a slab roller to flatten my clay. My new work is posted on Clayshapers on Facebook. Also, you-tube has instructional videos of how I make platters and earrings.

My goal is to give a smile or chuckle to whoever sees my work, bringing joy into the world using mud as my conduit.


I started carving back when I was a child in my Dad’s wood shop. He gave me my first set of sharp tools. But my clay career started 1985 at Haywood College in NC when Ms. Mary Cornwell, the woman who started the Village of Yesteryear at NC State Fair, noticed me and invited me to be a hand-builder at a ten-day show. In 1996 we opened Clayshapers Gallery and Pottery school. For 7 years I managed the Gallery and had the pottery school at my fingertips to discover and heighten my art and pottery skills.

I have participated in the NC State Fair for 30 years now and have added a hands-on table for kids to paint their own medallion of clay.

We moved to Duncan, SC. In 2016. I’m thrilled to be part of West Main Artist Co-op in Spartanburg, SC.