Sandra Schindlbeck

Mixed Media

My preferred Art is music, specifically singing. The special charm of my voice lies in its flexibility and complexity. I sing pieces that require an opera-like Falsetto as well as pop Songs and heavy Rock and Metal bits. I pursue mastering the individual techniques and merging them together, always looking for new and interesting sounds to combine.

Similar to that, my visual art is a fusion of fantastic colors and creatures. They occur to me intuitively and I love breathing life into them by elevating them out of their previous random shapes and colors with my mixed media technique.

Sandra was born and raised in Bavaria, Germany meandering between science and
arts, different jobs and schools, she became a certified Vocal Coach and Artist. Sandra
got her Certificate at the Powervoice Academy in Hamburg, Germany. She enhanced
her art skills in a 3-year art focused secondary school, where she graduated with