Sydney A. McMath

Painting, Jewelry, and Music

The bright colors and abstract, bold shapes featured in my paintings have been described to me as ironic, given that the conceptual content of my artwork tends to be on the dark side. This juxtaposition mirrors the way that humans often use comedy to survive distressing situations, as described by the phrase “You’ve got to laugh to keep from crying.” I try to find positivity in every situation, which I attempt to portray in my paintings. In my painting series relating to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the colors I chose were vivid, almost electrified, contrasting with the content of the pieces, which was my attempt at narrating specific events relating to the disaster in a way that memorialized the tragedy and also sparked hope for the future.

Similarly, in my painting series outlining the beginning, fracturing, dissolution, and eventual ending of a toxic relationship, I used bright colors, bold lines, and seemingly happy, anthropomorphic creatures to create a dialogue between the depths of sadness and the hope of new life afterwards. Through the process of painting these bright works, I strive to achieve healing. My deepest hope is that viewers will emote similarly when viewing my creations. 


Sydney A. McMath is a native of the D.C. area.  She moved to Spartanburg to attend Converse College, where she received her BFA in Studio Art and a BA in art history. Sydney has been painting all her life and is also a full time musician. Sydney has been a member of WMAC since its creation in 2009 and currently lives in both New Orleans, LA and Spartanburg, SC, traveling between places to perform and create art. Sydney is also a jewelry maker and donates one hundred percent of jewelry sale profits to animal rescue and rehabilitation organizations.