For Spacious Skies

Carol Story

Artists Collective | Spartanburg presents ‘For Spacious Skies’ exhibit
Artist Carol Story's show August 31 - October 2
Spartanburg artist Carol Story is bringing the beauty and pleasure of the sky indoors in her exhibition “… For Spacious Skies,” on display Aug. 31 through Oct. 2 in Gallery II of the Artists Collective Spartanburg.

“Ralph Waldo Emerson said the sky is ‘the daily bread of the eyes.’” Says Story, a native of Georgia who moved to the Upstate in 1981. “It is true that as finite beings, tethered to the earth, we never get tired of looking at the skies and pondering its spacious realms. Is it too much to hope that viewing this body of paintings would be for some viewers a feast for the eyes and food for their souls?”

Spending more time outdoors during the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic made Story more aware of the varied skies and how they affect the land and waters under them. “As the sky is never the same twice, I just kept taking photos from which to paint. I could have painted a hundred. I tried to choose for this show a variety of skies and landscapes, with colors ranging from clear royal blue to snowy ash gray to the reds and oranges of burning embers.”

Story says she hopes the show, which features 20 of her works produced over the past year, “will convey the beauty of the ever-changing, free-to-all part of God’s creation under which we all live. That the sky is available to all and free to enjoy no matter where one lives. These paintings are just an attempt to capture some of that beauty to bring similar pleasure to our indoor spaces.” The works will be offered for sale, with prices ranging from $275 to $550.

The exhibition is characteristic of the landscapes Story usually paints, she says, “however with a focus on the sky and devoting a larger portion of the canvas to it. On several pieces I used the technique of combining a small amount of cold wax with my regular oils, some even using a palette knife instead of or in addition to a brush.”

“Being able to paint during the ‘age of the pandemic’ has been a blessing to keep me moving and for my mental health, especially with restricted activities,” Story says. “The fear and anxiety over whether my show last September would even happen and planning ahead for this one have been impetus to paint, paint, paint, more regularly than prior. But I’ve always said, ‘It keeps me off the streets’”

As a painter in oils, Story considers herself representational in style. “I like to push the bounds of what I realistically see. Many of my works are the product of ramblings in Georgia and the Carolinas. Others are from travels further afield. I also enjoy painting still life because, as a ‘control freak,’ I like having command over subject, composition and lighting. Whether riotous color or subtlety of shadow, the beauty and insights to be appreciated with landscapes, animals or arranged objects are all inspiration to me.”

This is the fourth solo exhibition for Story at the Artists Collective | Spartanburg, which she joined in 2015 and where she maintains a studio.

“Having the opportunity for a solo exhibition has been a stretching but affirming opportunity to one not degree-trained,” Story adds. “Our members are great cheerleaders and I appreciate the interest and encouragement of our daily guests and Spartanburg ArtWalk faithful.”


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