Intro to Landscape Design

Oil Painting

Carol Story, Instructor

Saturday, May 4 9am – 4pm & Sunday, May 5 noon – 4pm

Learn to paint realistic landscapes from photos. This two-session (Saturday and Sunday) workshop will demonstrate how to choose a scene, block in the design and use light and shadow for developing your own style. After a demo, students will receive guidance as they work on their own. Students provide their own supplies from the following suggested materials list. Instruction will be in oil but those already familiar with acrylics are welcome to use them.


  • Notebook and/or small sketchbook and pencils
  • Two-three pre-primed canvases, 9×12 or similar size
  • Paints: I like Gamblin oils but Lukas Studio or Windsor Newton are less expensive, especially if you are just trying out this medium.
  • 37 ml tubes in these colors:
    • Cadmium red Alizarin crimson
    • Ultramarine blue Thalo blue or viridian
    • Cadmium yellow, light or pale hue Yellow ochre
    • Raw umber Portland gray medium
    • Titanium white

If you purchase a small sampler set, similar colors are fine.

  • A small palette knife
  • A 12×16 palette box with palette paper or a similar size piece of heavy glass
  • A variety of brushes, sizes from 4 to 12, brights, flats or filberts.
  • Unscented solvent such as Gamsol or Mona Lisa (at Michael’s)
  • A small glass container for your solvent
  • Paper towels and plastic grocery bag for trash.
  • Gloves, apron or smock, etc. depending on how messy your are!
  • These supplies are available online from Jerry’s Artarama for good prices and quick delivery.
Intro to Landscape Design May 4 2024
Price: $75.00