It’s Relative

The art forms of acrylic and oil painting, generative and 3D digital art, and watercolors are all quite different in style and results. Still, a shared love of art, even through different media, can be a unifying force as shown in an upcoming exhibition, “It’s Relative: Three Perspectives, One Exhibition,” set for July 11 through…

The art forms of acrylic and oil painting, generative and 3D digital art, and watercolors are all quite different in style and results. Still, a shared love of art, even through different media, can be a unifying force as shown in an upcoming exhibition, “It’s Relative: Three Perspectives, One Exhibition,” set for July 11 through Aug. 5 in Gallery II and III of the Artists Collective | Spartanburg.

The exhibit will encompass oils and acrylics by Andrew Donnan; watercolors by his wife’s aunt, Susan McCravy Hoppes; and generative 3D non-AI art by his son, Alexander Donnan. A reception will be held Thursday, July 20, as part of ArtWalk Spartanburg. The 30 pieces of artwork in the exhibit will be offered for purchase, with prices ranging from $50 to $500.

“In this exhibit, just as in life, the importance of family shines through,” Andrew Donnan says. “Despite differences in style or medium, the shared love of art brings the family together and serves as a unifying force. The exhibit represents a true collaboration, with family members inspiring and supporting one another in their artistic pursuits. It is a testament to the power of familial bonds and the unique creative energy that can arise from shared experiences and passions.”

Donnan adds, “Ultimately, the exhibit is a celebration of family and the many forms that artistic expression can take. From watercolor landscapes to generative 3D art, each piece represents a unique perspective and a contribution to the collective creative vision of the family.”

The idea for the exhibit “was born out of years of familial connection over art, no matter the medium, style or approach,” he says. “Sue, Alex and I have all inspired each other over the years with our love of art, and now we want to invite others into our appreciation and celebration of creative endeavors.”

Hoppes’s watercolors are used to “showcase landscapes, flowers and animals, bringing together different elements of nature in a unique and captivating,” Donnan says. “Oil and acrylic paintings are featured prominently, with impressionist-style depictions of travel destinations and fields of flowers that evoke a sense of wonder and awe. Another interesting approach featured in the exhibit is the use of oils and acrylics to create the intricate patterns and vivid colors of stained-glass windows.

“In addition to these traditional forms of art, the exhibit also features generative art that uses 3D technology to create mesmerizing and immersive experiences,” Donnan continues. “This innovative approach to art is not AI-generated, but rather the result of the artist’s creativity and imagination.

“Each piece in this exhibit is a testament to the limitless potential of human creativity and the boundless ways in which we can capture the beauty of the world around us. The diverse range of styles and mediums on display offers something for everyone and invites viewers to explore the many different ways in which art can enrich our lives.”

Donnan says the group hopes visitors to the exhibit “will walk away feeling inspired and uplifted by the range of artistic expression on display. Each artist brings their unique voice and perspective to the table, with a variety of styles, mediums and subject matter represented. The hope is that viewers will connect with the diversity of the collection, finding something that resonates with their own experiences and interests. By showcasing such a broad range of artistic styles and subject matter, the artists hope to demonstrate the incredible versatility and power of art to communicate and connect with people from all walks of life.”

“We are excited for the opportunity to collaborate and showcase a diverse range of perspectives and artistic mediums in this show,” Donnan says. “Our hope is that it will inspire artists and art lovers of all ages and backgrounds to appreciate the many different forms of creativity and expression that exist in the world.

“By bringing together a variety of styles and perspectives, we aim to create an inclusive space that celebrates the unique voice of each artist and encourages viewers to engage with art in a new and meaningful way.

“Susan’s watercolor paintings are inspired by the beauty of the natural world,” Donnan explains. “Her work captures the essence of nature and reflects her profound connection to it. The delicate strokes and soft colors evoke a sense of calmness and tranquility, inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in the beauty of the natural world.”

Alex Donnan’s background in game design has had a significant influence on his digital art practice, his father says. “His years of experience in game design and development have given him a deep understanding of digital technology, coding and 3D modeling.”

Andrew Donnan says his own art “is characterized by my impressionistic style, which imbues my pieces with a sense of light, color and emotion. My work often depicts landscapes and natural scenes, which I capture through a careful balance of form and color.”

Donnan, who grew up in Frederick, Maryland, is a graduate of Heidelberg College, when he took several art classes, and received his master’s degree in critical care medicine and physician assistant studies. He worked as a physician assistant for 38 years before retiring in 2022. He began painting in 1989 as an escape from work and to explore his left-brain nature. His work has been shown at the Artists Collective | Spartanburg, the Spartanburg County Public Libraries and Albany Georgia Fine Arts Competition.

Alex Donnan is an interface engineer, game developer in addition to being an artist. He and his wife live in California.

Hoppes always was interested in painting but never had the opportunity to pursue it until her retirement in 2004. After a 31-year teaching career in District 7 of Spartanburg County ended, she assumed the role of student, studying with and learning from talented artists in this area. She is a member of S.C. Watermedia Society, the Spartanburg Artist Guild, TAC and Tryon Painters and Sculptors.

The exhibit marks a special occasion as Alex Donnan, for the first time, joins his family in showcasing his digital art, says his father, a member of the Artists Collective for six years. “Susan and I are thrilled to continue our artistic collaboration, having worked together on previous occasions. Together, we three artists bring a diverse and exciting collection that celebrates our years of artistic pursuit and creation.”

“The Artists Collective | Spartanburg holds a special place in our hearts as a community that has nurtured and supported our creative pursuits,” Andrew Donnan says. “We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to showcase our work in such a welcoming and inspiring space. The Collective provides a platform for artists to come together, share ideas, and create something truly beautiful. We feel honored to be a part of this community and to have our art displayed alongside so many talented artists. ACS embodies the spirit of collaboration and creativity, and we hope that our art can contribute to this vibrant and supportive community.”