Earth Wind & Fire

The annual new member show at the Artists Collective | Spartanburg will run from 5 Jan - 30 Jan. The artwork can be viewed in Galleries II and III from 10am -4pm Tuesday - Saturday. There is no gallery charge to view the exhibit.

Each year at this time Artists Collective | Spartanburg features its new members. It is one of the ways the Collective introduces the new artists to the community. It also gives the new members the opportunity to produce their first show at the Collective. This year's show was aptly named "Earth, Wind & Fire" by the new members. 2020, the year these artists joined the Collective was marked by a local tornado, a global pandemic and local lock-down, and raging wildfires in many states. However, these new members were undeterred in their art.

This years new members are Jason Huffman, Amy Morris and Shannon Patrick.

Jason Huffman

Jason Huffman, a self-taught artist known for a wide range of media, has recently made a cross-country, life changing relocation. Jason is looking forward to this new beginning and being a part of the artists community in the Spartanburg area. You can read more about Jason on his artist's bio

Jason explains, "From an early age, as far back as I can remember, I've drawn and painted. In school, when the other kids were running and playing, I would find some thing, anything to draw on. Art has been a lifelong obsession; it is not an option - I have to create, whether it is a sketch, painting, or sculpture. It is something I have always done."

Amy Morris

Mother of four and a veteran of the US Marine Corps, Amy Morris is a self-taught weaver and lover of fiber arts. She translates her passion into weaving to create wearable art. You can read more about Amy on her artist's bio

"Weaving is an extraordinarily intentional art with many moving parts. The wearers of my art often submit inspirational photos or collages to me to have interpreted into woven form, making each piece unique, states Amy"

Shannon Patrick

Shannon Patrick holds a bachelor's degree in fine arts and a master's degree in art education. Her first grade teacher made a fuss over a self-portrait collage by Shannon and this propelled and encouraged a lifetime of art and education for Shannon. You can read more about Shannon on her artist's bio

Shannon describes, "I paint landscapes with oils, primarily outdoors in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Maine. I also dabble in other forms."


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