Reflections In Glass

Fused Glass Works by Judy Martin

Upstate artist Judy Martin wants visitors to her latest exhibition, “Reflections in Glass: Relax and Smile” May 3 through June 18 in Gallery III of the Artists Collective | Spartanburg, to do just that – relax, smile, enjoy and hope.

Martin, a native of New York state, says the works in the exhibition will show “reflections” of ocean-scapes, waves, snow and abstracts, “all painting and fused in glass. Many works show relaxing water scenes from vacations or from where my mind wanders when I am in my studio.
The abstracts I make are not harsh and in-your-face kind of art. I feel they are also easy on the eye and spirit.”

She says visitors will see that “painting isn't just for canvas. Painting on glass is a forever piece. It will not fade; it will last forever unless you break the glass. I want viewers to smile, hope and enjoy.”

The exhibition is inspired by Martin’s discovery of a new-to-her type of glass fusing. “I have enjoyed and loved working with glass for the past 15-plus years and have just found this new type of glass fusing. I am painting with glass enamels and on some I am also adding some texture to give it a touch more interest.

“Color, fun, light-hearted and calming is what you can always expect to see of one of my shows,” continues Martin. “I love the color of nature and try to incorporate that into all the things I do in my life. Life is too serious, and you don't need to know that when you walk into my exhibit. When you see my exhibit, I want you to feel calm or I want you to laugh and smile. There is nothing better than seeing someone enjoy my work with a smile and a sense of calm.”

Martin says the exhibit “has taken me a lifetime to create. A lifetime of trying to find what I really wanted to accomplish in the art field. A lifetime of seeing colors, oceans, tress, snow and everything else to come into an art I can enjoy and be proud of.

“I would like to welcome all to a show of reflections,” she continues. “Reflections of the glass you will see or the reflections of times my pieces may remind you of. I have enjoyed painting each of these with my newly acquired fused glass painting. I have taken my ‘confinement’ of the past and enjoyed learning from what I think is the best teacher of fused glass painting, Marguerite Beneke. Thank goodness for the good part of the internet, so I could see and learn from her from South Africa.”

The more than 20 pieces in the exhibition will be offered for sale, with prices ranging from $50 to $500. An artist’s reception will be held during Spartanburg ArtWalk on May 19.

A member of the Artists Collective | Spartanburg for almost five years, Martin says she joined “for the people, to talk of their art and get ideas and learn from theirs. I think ACS is a unique space to exhibit in the area. We have retail space for all members to continually display their work, two small galleries we can display a solo show and the large gallery for members and non-members who have a large display of work. ACS has grown and is continually growing, and I want to stay and help it grow.”


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