Studio Sweep: Making Room For New Art

Art should be in the hands of those who love and appreciate it, artists at the Artists Collective | Spartanburg believe. That’s why nearly 30 of them are presenting the third annual “Studio Sweep: Making Room for New Art” exhibition in Gallery II and III May 30 through June 24.

More than 100 works by 27 ACS artists will be offered for sale during the exhibition, with prices starting at $10, says Judy Martin, an artist who is coordinating the event. An ArtWalk Spartanburg reception will be held Thursday, June 15.

“Artists always have pieces that they are tired of seeing, they don't care for it, they have gone another direction or any other reason. It’s these pieces that will be in exhibit with reduced prices,” Martin says. “Space is needed in their studios for new art.

“All the art is top quality and there will be tables and walls full of beautiful art available,” Martin continues, noting that the works are new, undamaged art. “Visitors will see that they can afford nice art, and we all need beauty in our homes.” There will be plenty of art available, and pieces will be replenished throughout the month.

“Our artists enjoy and feel grateful they get a chance to display at the Artists Collective | Spartanburg,” she says. “Being able to join in on a group event such as this or having a one-person show in one of the galleries is a great benefit that comes with the membership of ACS.

“ACS means different things to different members,” she continues. “Some join to get ideas and learn from other artists, some join to display their work while others just want to get out and talk with other people. ACS is a mix of young, old, rich, poor, college educated and not. We are all different and we come together to make this organization work.”


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