An artists collective is a group of artists who collaborate together to create and exhibit art. Artists collectives can be made up of any type of artist, including painters, sculptors, photographers, and videographers, musicians and performers. They often have a shared goal or vision, and work together to promote each other's work and make art more accessible to the public.

Artists collectives can be formed for a variety of reasons. Some artists may want to pool their resources in order to have a larger space to work in or to be able to afford better quality materials. Others may feel that working together will help them improve their artistry by learning from each other. Still others may believe that by collaborating, they can make a greater impact on the art world and create change.

From ancient sculpture workshops and medieval painter's guilds to some examples of famous artists collectives including Dada, the Situationists, and the Critical Art Ensemble artists have gathered to share their creative energy. During the French Revolution the Louvre was used as an artist collective space for painters to work together. The German Bauhaus school was another well-known artists collective that focused on making art accessible to everyone.

ACS aspires to be a diverse community of artists and their supporters who value individual creative expression, and who serve as an arts resource for Spartanburg and the Upstate of South Carolina.

Artists Collective | Spartanburg

There are numerous benefits to being part of an artist collective, such as:

  • Sharing resources: Collectives can pool their resources together in order to access better quality materials, or simply to save money. This is especially beneficial for artists that are just starting out.
  • Shared knowledge and skills: Members of a collective can share their knowledge and skills with each other, leading to a more diverse range of skills within the group. This is particularly useful for collectives that are working on collaborative projects.
  • Increased exposure: Being a part of an artist collective can increase your exposure to potential buyers, collectors and the public.

An artists collective can be incredibly powerful in terms of generating new ideas and supporting each other's work. If you're an artist looking to connect with others who share your vision, consider joining the Artists Collective | Spartanburg today!

The mission of Artists Collective | Spartanburg is to create a community of artists wherein members mentor and support one another. To provide affordable studio, display, and performance space to established and emerging artists living in and around Spartanburg, South Carolina. And to provide the public with opportunities to view original art and to interact with the artists.

We believe art can be created and enjoyed by people from all walks of life. We actively seek a diverse membership of races, cultural backgrounds and religious faiths.


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