Windows & Doors

Patrick DeCrane and Gale Roberts

Windows and doors are all around us – in architecture of all kinds, from very simple to elaborate and ornate. We see them every day, but Upstate artists Gale Roberts and Patrick DeCrane want us to take a closer look – view these simple architectural features in a different light.

Visitors to their upcoming exhibition, aptly named “Windows and Doors,” May 3 through 28 in Gallery II at the Artists Collective | Spartanburg, will see that these features “can be viewed in many different ways,” says DeCrane, a watercolorist. “They will see a wide variety of subjects in relationship to windows and doors. I wanted to take the simple features of windows and doors and see how I could portray them in many ways. There’s a variety of subject matter, some of which they can relate to and others that maybe new to them.”

Roberts, who paints in acrylics, says the exhibition will show how two artists can view architecture in different ways. “These are paintings from two artists who love what they are doing in different ways. I hope that the public appreciates how much Patrick and I love to paint and how much we appreciate art in so many ways”

Visitors to the exhibition should experience “the joy of seeing something familiar expressed in a different way, or the pleasure of seeing something new to them, or even a pleasant memory from the past,” DeCrane says, describing the works as “soft, warm, airy and detailed. The show has a variety of subject matter, all with an eye for detail.

“After viewing this exhibit, I hope people will walk away with a sense of pleasure and satisfaction,” adds DeCrane, a native of Cleveland, Ohio.

DeCrane, who has been painting and drawing most of his adult life, began his formal art education in high school. During his career with the U.S. Army, DeCrane traveled and studied art at numerous colleges, receiving an associate of science degree at Park College. After retiring from the military and running a bed and breakfast for 10 years with his life partner, Michael Thomas, DeCrane continued with his art education and served as chair of the Bowling Green (Virginia) Arts Commission; he started and managed the Sidney King Art Center, coordinating three arts events a year.

Since moving to South Carolina in 2015, DeCrane’s exhibitions have exclusively been at Artists Collective | Spartanburg. “I am grateful to have this opportunity to exhibit at ACS,” he says. “They provide excellent support especially through marketing. Members have great opportunities to interact with other artists. The energy in this group of artists motivates me to expand my art talent.”

Roberts, a native of the Erie, Pennsylvania, area, has been painting about four years. “I enjoy painting a variety of topics – animals, landscapes even food. Maybe in time I’ll find my niche.”

She is a graduate of Nova Community College and retired from the insurance industry after 17 years. She has exhibited in 2021 at ACS and in the Greenville Center for Creative Art.

Roberts and DeCrane each will have 14 pieces in the upcoming exhibition, which will be offered for sale; prices range from $50 to $300.

An artists’ reception will be held May 7 and an artists’ talk will be held May 19.


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