Chuck Bishop

The look and feel of handmade pottery have always been a joy to me. I’d ask myself, “What mysterious magic has been used to create this beautiful creation in my hand?” Finding out that I too could devise my own …

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Wadi Cantrell

I consider myself an emerging artist who is exploring many media in search of a mature style. I find that my approach to creating art includes working with many different materials and ideas as I search for what really speaks …

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Roderice Cardell

I believe everything is connected, and everything is art. I usually begin a new painting with random brush strokes of color or I sling paint onto the canvas to create violent and uncontrolled responses to the music. The works unpredictability …

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Rachel Child

I aim to create contemporary heirlooms. I believe that using something made by hand, and choosing to make thoughtful decisions about the objects we let into our lives, links us to the past and adds meaning and depth to otherwise …

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Andrew Dally
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Amanda Dawkins

I have attended art classes for most of my educational life. Even before school I would draw and doodle things I saw in fantasy and reality. I love exploring colors, textures, techniques, and viewpoints. I believe, as artists, our greatest …

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Craig Denesha
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Patrick A. DeCrane

I have been painting and drawling most of my life. Art helps me to both escape and cope with life. While I enjoy painting with acrylics and pastels, I find watercolors the most enjoyable.

I generally use intense colors. I …

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Addam Duncan

I am a Spartanburg based artist. My creative work includes painting, printmaking, sculpture, and songwriting. I am a self-taught artist with interests in many styles of expression. My work has been displayed in New York, San Francisco, Portland, Atlanta, Columbia, …

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Marcy Fedalei

Practicing art teaches me about life. It reminds me to be playful, creative and fun. It teaches me to be and focused in the moment, momentarily shutting out every-thing except my hands and the clay. It teaches me to be …

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Ashley Gilreath

Hanging on the walls and hidden in the corners of our homes are the photographs and works of those who came before us. These seemingly mundane and irrelevant objects are the indexical records of family and human history.

Accumulating visually …

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Peter Harding

Growing up in England my mother would take me for walks across the local fields and tell me about all of the wild flowers, birds, insects, and wild life we would chance upon. I marveled at the wonders that might …

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Tyler Hill

In our travels we may get lost or turned around, but ultimately, we find our way. It is my journey through chaos that makes me appreciate my travels. It is the many faces we see and ways of life we …

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Rita Howard

My art takes me away from the humdrum aspects of my life. Without art I would be lost. I love to work in watercolors because of the translucency of them; of course I also use the opaque when necessary to …

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Jason Huffman

From an early age, as far back as I can remember, I've drawn and painted. In school, when the other kids were running and playing, I would find some thing, anything to draw on. Art has been a lifelong obsession; …

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Sarah Hurley
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Thomas Koenig

I have been a Graphics Communication Professional and Communication Designer for over 25 years – on two different continents and in two different languages. My work has included all aspects of graphics communication, photography, design and creative concept. Photography is …

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Elliott Leader
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John Lever

The inspiration for my photography comes from my desire to share my views of my travels and of the natural world. Whether this takes form as a snow covered mountain, a tropical island or a bird in flight, the theme …

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Tom Lowrimore

Aristotle wrote: “The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things but their inward significance”.

One method for disclosing the inward significance of things is described by the painter Mondrian: “I wish to approach truth as …

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Emily Mitchell

I create films and photography about real, everyday life. I focus on observations and my emotions about what I see in choosing what to capture, in a documentary style.

What’s most interesting to me is honesty. I believe that truth …

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Cynthia Manuel

Being a digital artist, when the World Wide Web emerged, I was instantly captivated by the creative potential it offered. I was fortunate enough to be mentored in the art of computer programming and learned how to code by hand. …

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Judy Martin

Fused Glass is a passion that I have had now for the past 10 years and started with working in stained glass.

When I moved from Western New York I needed something to keep me busy while I found a …

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Janis McElligott

James Baldwin once said, “All art is a kind of confession”. These acrylic paintings are mine. They are things I saw or emotions I shared, all put on canvas as my declaration to loving life’s moments. The simplest sights can …

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Rosemary McLeod

The passion of creating my jewelry literally happened by accident ten years ago, when a friend asked me to take a class at one of the local hobby shops.

The momentum ignited to learn as much as I could from …

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Sydney A. McMath

The bright colors and abstract, bold shapes featured in my paintings have been described to me as ironic, given that the conceptual content of my artwork tends to be on the dark side. This juxtaposition mirrors the way that humans …

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Erin O'Neal
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Nancy O'Dell Keim

In this series of paintings, Spirit of Place, I explore the idea of land, memory, and connection through expressive, abstracted landscapes. A majority of the works focus on tree-like imagery, conveying mood through the use of expressive lines (created by …

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Shannon Patrick

Like the carefree days of youth, when one goes outside to play in evolving weather with changing skies: so Plein Air painting is for me. Those days seemed endless and unrecorded, these are finite, described by a canvas, but are …

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Lady Pluuto

A voyage from place to place,
projecting through time and space.
Conglomeration of information
to better understand my situation.
An infinite exploration through transformation.
When am I dreaming? Am I awake?
Nether and Ether.
A journey through my shadows is …

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Ruza Pocivavsak

I first became acquainted with pottery eight years ago through courses at SAM. Over these years, my love and passion for working with clay has grown and developed far beyond a casual hobby.

As an engineer, I have always enjoyed …

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Chuck Reback

My photographic interests are eclectic and opportunistic. Inspired by the world around me I photograph anything from an abstract of a single leaf to a scenic vista to an industrial landscape.

Over the years my style has evolved from a …

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Beth Bullman Regula

As I view the world around me, I see everything as moving lines. The crossing, intersecting, and lyrical flow of the lines form the basis of my work. I rarely draw from real life. I use my impressions of life …

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Dave Sawyer

My work includes art pottery, decorative ceramic wall art, and photographic images. My inspiration comes from the world around us and reflects my love of history and God’s great gift of nature.

Much of my ceramic work uses the American …

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Shelley Sperka

My fused glass art is a conversation with the world. I say things about my world, my emotions, and my state of mind that I can’t say with words. It is important to me to communicate with the world in …

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Sandy Staggs

Shakespeare wrote in As You Like It, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” From ancient Greek tragedy to the contemporary Avant-garde, I adhere to the power of the written word and its transformative …

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Carol Story

As a painter in oils, I consider myself representational in style. While not terribly imaginative in my execution, I do like to push the bounds of what I realistically see. Many of my works are the product of ramblings in …

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Jonathan Swift

“In some ways suffering ceases to be suffering at the moment it finds a meaning, such as the meaning of a sacrifice.” – Viktor E. Frankl

 I am fascinated with the contradiction between our human craving for meaning and the …

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Joshua B. Tennant
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Brandi Tucker

My art is my diary. It is a journey, a constant ongoing process that is ever changing and evolving. I work with whatever medium strikes my fancy at the given time. My work is as neurotic and eclectic as I …

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Nancy Williamson

I make utilitarian pottery. I love that I can make beautiful, functional, everyday objects that are a pleasure to use. Most of my work is designed to be used with food: dinnerware, servingware, and bakeware. It is a joy to …

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Jim Weber
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Sally Weber

I’m always carving new designs to impress in the clay. I’ve carved some of my favorite Artists’ work: Monet, Van Gogh, Alphonse Mucha, Georgia O’Keefe and Maxfield Parrish – the sky is the limit. The clay I use is a …

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Joan Wheatley
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Barbie Workman

In my current work, I display oil paintings and encaustic mixed media pieces. The oil paintings are inspired by the photographs of galaxies I collected from a NASA website. The reality of galaxies forming, expanding and collapsing is a wondrous …

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Patty Wright

I am a Traveler, a person that wants to see it all. I love nothing more than to experience the end of the day with sunset cruising! I look to capture the interesting, the unexplored and feel the silence as …

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